Watch the Webinar: Roanna in discussion with Dr Mark Seton.


Image courtesy of Dr Mark Seton

Image courtesy of Dr Mark Seton

I have recently published an article on crises of the body in actor training, called ‘The Body That Fits The Bill‘ This is as part of a special edition of the peer reviewed journal About Performance, focused on The Lives of Actors.

To accompany this issue, Dr Mark Seton is running an informative, interactive and free series of Webinars, to which I have contributed with a discussion titled: ‘Is Your Body Really Yours?’ (Note that in the unlikely event that you might wish to fast-forward through sections, you can do so by clicking the YouTube icon in the bottom right corner and viewing the webinar in that format)

You can join any seminar live and type in questions or comment through a chat room.

Or, if you have missed them live, you can catch up here:

Here are the full details of the Webinar programme, which I thoroughly recommend for actors and those who work with them:

What are actors’ lives like? What kinds of experiences, over the course of a career, do actors have? How does their training prepare them both for the work they will find, and for the lives that they will lead as they pursue that work? The focus of the publication About Performance: The Lives of Actors has been to open up a range of conversations. Dr Mark Seton and Assoc Prof Ian Maxwell invited contributors (from the UK, USA, and around Australia) to submit essays reporting on research into actors’ lives, their wellbeing and the impact of their creative work upon their lives, their health, and their relationships. In this free, weekly webinar series over 9 weeks, commencing Tuesday 21st July 2015, Dr Seton will interview various contributors about what they found in their research and why it matters to the lives of actors today – these live webinar session will include time for questions and answers from those who register online. If you miss any episode, they will be available to view online after the original broadcast. To get more details about each episode and register to attend online, go to