Image: Richard Davenport

Image: Richard Davenport

This is a list of current and past performance work. For further details about individual projects see the projects page.

Movement Direction / Choreography / Performance

The Escapologist: What happens when the things we experience cannot be contained in one body or one discrete self? This is a piece about madness, communication and love. A piece about signalling from ship to shore. A piece about poetry. A piece, also, about forms of mental health treatment and what they do to you. In development 2018-19.

Here’s Hoping: Accidental Collective, Theatre Royal Margate & Oval House London (September & October 2016, director).

Lens 2: Commission for the launch of the Beacon Institute, Chatham Historic Dockyard (2015, movement, performance)

Instructionally Invited: Gruff Theatre, Vaults Festival London (2015, movement)

Resting Place: Performance series with Platform-7 artists. Ramsgate, Charing Cross Station, Southeastern Trains, Folkestone (2014-15, movement direction, research).

Through the Grapevine — Taste and Memory: University of Kent Practice-as-Research performances (2013&14, movement direction, research).

Imagining O USEast Coast Artists & Company, Peak Performances, Montclair, US (2014, movement and choreography)

Hamlet Re-membered: University of Kent Practice-as-Research (2013, movement support).

The Silent Lovers: Allied Productions, Brit Studio, London (2014, movement and dramaturgy)

Here Is Where We Meet: Accidental Collective, Marlowe Theatre Canterbury (2013, movement)

Earthquakes in London: Brit School of Performing Arts, London (2013, movement and dramaturgy)

Imagining O IndiaInternational Theatre Festival, Kerala, India (2012, movement and dramaturgy).

A Jane Fonda Provocation: Catford Tapescape Intervention, Platform-7 (2012, performance, presentation, research).

Imagining O University of KentRichard Schechner & University of Kent Drama Department (2011, movement).

Crime of the Century: Chickenshed (2009, movement)

Up The Line: Cemetery Remembrance Event, Platform-7 (2010, movement and coordination).

The Spoils: Shady Dolls Theatre Company, Arcola London and Valencia (2009, movement and performance)

The Children’s Hour: Rose Bruford (2009, movement and choreography)

Hand: Moonbow Jakes Outside Theatre (2008, choreography and performance)