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Since 2011 I have been working with AnyBody UK, which is the UK chapter of a local-global organisation called Endangered Bodies.
Details of our work and recent news can be found here.
The mission of the organisation is to challenge those parts of culture, policy and health discourse which make profit from generating body hatred.
Like any organisation that starts from the roots upwards, our development is complex and unplanned, as it is responding to need and available resources:
AnyBody started as a grass roots organisation in the UK. In 2011 we hosted a series of international summits in London, New York and Buenos Aires. Out of the network of dedicated people all over the world that got involved, the local-global organisation Endangered Bodies emerged gradually and organically. As the name suggests, it has chapters local to each country, whilst also having the capacity to run powerful global campaigns.

Endangered Bodies chapters currently exist in: Argentina, the US (New York), London, Brazil, Mexico, Ireland, Germany and Australia. 
AnyBody UK is now a registered charity. We have run numerous successful projects, campaigns and events, such as the Shape Your Culture project, Occupy Your Body workshops, presentations at WoW (Women of the World Festival, London), the Bodies in Education event at Portcullis House (Houses of Paliament, London), and many more.

Occupy Your Body workshop at WoW 2014

Occupy Your Body workshop at WoW 2014

We are dedicated to giving voice to groups and individuals challenging our devastating acceptance of body hatred as normal. We collect evidence, raise awareness and speak out to challenge government policy and complacency.

Why this matters to me…
Summit 2011

Summit 2011

In all areas of life and work I encounter human beings who are tortured by disease with their body. This is not a trivial issue. It is not a question of vanity, or insecurity, or getting a grip. It is complex, and messy, and tied up with everything we do and everything that we are. It stops people from moving, from loving, from eating, from not eating, from going to the doctor, from going swimming, from wearing what they want, from breathing, from being able to listen to their own needs, from trusting their own judgement, from daring to speak out.

I speak more about why this matters to me here.